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Are you extremely interested in Minecraft?

If yes, here I’ll present you its 2D version allowing you to play without registration, download or purchase. Scratch Minecraft is just a fanmade game though, it still brings you the feeling that you’ve once experienced in the 3D Minecraft.

Cannot wait any longer, right?

It’s time to explore mysterious things in the game on your own.

+ The 2D version of Minecraft, a very popular sandbox game
+ Similar gameplay, lively and colorful graphics, great music
+ A great open-world land to explore and expose your creativity
+ A huge amount of resource for mining

The creator used Flash technology to this 2D adventure platformer.

Release Date
Scratch Minecraft was created by a Minecraft fan as the tribute to the original game of Mojang and initially published on Y8 site in May 2018.
You can also find this fanmade game on scratch.mit.edu.

How to Play?
Like what you would do in the original, this game ask you to travel around the vast land in order to mine rare resources as well as gather as much material as possible so that you can craft essential items later.
For example, if you want to make furniture (chairs, tables, etc.) for your new house, you must go to the forest and chop trees.
Make use of TNT to cause a big explosion helping you get much resource at once.

+ Hit the WASD or arrow keys to move and jump
+ Use the left mouse to interact

Undoubtedly, Scratch Minecraft is an amusing building adventure game and already published on MineCraftGamesforKids site – play for absolutely free. As a flash online game, Scratch Minecraft runs amazingly in your web browser.
Do you enjoy Scratch Minecraft? If so, then you may want to take a look at similar games like MioCraft, Block Story, and Paper Minecraft.