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Hey, are you ready for the brand-new challenge in Orion Sandbox?

Accessing this free 2D Minecraft typed game, your ultimate goal is to stay alive as long as you can.

+ Awesome combination of Minecraft and Terraria
+ Explore a new world through an epic survival adventure
+ Many hordes of evil creatures and zombies lurking around every day
+ Different kinds of resources available for the crafting process
+ The world in Orion Sandbox full of treasures
+ Play online and interact with other players

This is a game of Y8 and IDNet.

Orion Sandbox is a flash open-world online game inspired greatly by Terraria and Minecraft.

Release Date
It was originally published on Y8.com on 31 May, 2016.

How to Play?
The gameplay in Orion Sandbox is quite similar as Minecraft.
Before starting the game, you have to customize your heroic character. Once traveling to the open-ended blocky world, your job is to gather as many materials and resources as possible, especially try to find the rare kinds.
Next, go to the Inventory and learn to craft necessary tools that can assist you in accomplishing the quests. Equip the protagonist with the best weapon and armor in order to deal with zombies and other units of bad creatures.
Quickly build a shelter for hiding. Keep in mind that all of your tasks must be done before the darkness comes!
If you like this game, make sure to try the sequel, Orion Sandbox Enhanced!

+ Press AD to move left/right
+ Tap Spacebar to jump
+ Use the Left mouse to interact with everything in game

Orion Sandbox is an amusing Minecraft-themed game than can play for absolute free on MineCraftGamesforKids.com. As a flash game, this game runs without any problem in most browsers.
There are still lots of other interesting Minecraft games available for your exploration, such as World Craft and Killers on Blocks.