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What can be more fun than Orion Sandbox?

Access to Orion Sandbox Enhanced, the upgrade version to the original, and discover all new features in this game. The sequel will bring you to a strange new planet where a lot of mysteries will be uncovered.

Be well-prepared and take advantage of your skills to find a way back to the Earth!

+ Greatly inspired by Minecraft of Mojang
+ A strange world full of raw materials and rare resources
+ Tutorials help you complete perilous missions
+ More deadly threats are awaiting you (ferocious monsters, terrible secrets, and so on)

It is a flash game. Register at ID.net to play online with other players.

Release Date
Orion Sandbox Enhanced was posted on Y8.com in May, 2017.

How to Play?
You’re back in the Enhanced version of the Orion Sandbox World.
What is your ultimate objective this time?
In the beginning, continue collect materials (wood, dirt, stone, etc.). Then make use of all these resources to craft items you need, like the furniture, weapons, and of course splendid structures. In order to stay alive in this world, you have to build a shelter first – that safe place can protect you from the severe attack of beasts and zombies.
Aside from the gameplay, you can alter the appearance of your character, just like the prequel.
Where will your imagination lead you? What type of building will you generate? What will you do to survive? Will you be able to survive on this planet full of threats?
Play and show your true capacity!
If you have yet played Orion Sandbox, give it a go, players!

+ AD or left/right arrows are to move
+ The Left mouse is to mine and place block
+ The Spacebar is to jump…keep pressing to make a long jump

Orion Sandbox Enhanced is a very great game available at MineCraftGamesforKids. You can enjoy this flash online game in any of your modern browser, completely free of charge.
If you are interested in Orion Sandbox Enhanced, you should also check out My Blocks, Mine Escape, and Jet Miner.